Our Story

Another World founder Connor Kerr took the step to see more of the world back in early 2013. Coming from a hair and fashion events background Connor soon switched features in Vogue for a very different way of life. A few months soon turned into years and after an early chance meeting with and later internship in Bali for Indosole, the eco-sustainable shoe brand with a focus on their local community, Connor was inspired to set his sights on work in a field far removed from the runway.

From tribal projects in Eastern Indonesia to Education for systemically underprivileged young people in Northern Asia, Australia and the Philippines, later work alongside the UN in Europe at the height of the refugee crisis and across the Pacific to South and later Central America; Connor has set out to do what he can to give assistance to and learn from the people he meets along the way.

Another World operates under a principle of ‘get something, give something’. It is a combination of the lessons learned from these experiences brought together with a professional skill to provide the first project to launch in Belfast City.