Meet the teams they are generously contributing their time and energy to make this enormous project happen.

Support the people who support the team here at Another World:

PaceMaker is a small, independent PR consultancy run by a chap called Dave Clough. He is a digital marketing professional, our main press contact and built the website. He enjoys weekends away and writing about himself in the third person.

Revlon represents the very essence of feminity, beauty and creativity. The vision and expertise to reveal what makes every woman unique. It’s science, and they kindly shared their secret formula with us.

‘Gertrude Anna’  (named after his Granny) is run by Timmy White. It is a wee design company, styled around retro/vintage fabrics. He makes cool stuff like cushions and bags out of his horde of nik naks and has helped design our shit.

In-Car Safety has been at the forefront of children’s car safety for over 30 years! The MD, Rebecca, has been relentlessly creating spreadsheets in the background and sharing Todoist lists that Connor will never read.

Chris is an Irish illustrator and graphic designer based in Belfast. HE DREW OUR FUCKING AWESOME LOGO.

Hedonist is our key sponsor salon. With over seven years in business on Belfast’s bohemian Botanic Avenue, they have an established reputation as one of the most stylish and contemporary salons in the city. Then we moved in next door.

Whether you need an interior designed from scratch, a concept, or just advice with an ongoing project, Tanya can sort you right out. She’s a superstar and available to work with if you’re a nice person.

Paul Meekin is an award-winning Creative Director slash hair stylist genius. He doesn’t just cut hair, he IS hair. We’re currently in talks with Belfast Council to erect a statue in his honour, so all can bask in its glory.

Michael the founder of The Bearded Candle Makers. His passion lies in creating intriguing scents. We’ll just leave that there.

ASTRL • FIBRES – Macramé to transform your space handcrafted by Alison Pascoe. Their designs are an inspiration and are hanging on the wall.

Some of the kindest people on the planet and great with words.

Bespoke framing | Interior consultations | Installation.

Nailed it.

Frankly, we don’t know where we’d be without coffee and thank luck that Boden’s are just around the corner. They’ve basically fuelled this entire project. So blame them.

Every now and again an artist like Mr No Hands comes along breathing fresh air into proceedings with a unique approach to electronic music.  He will be DJing funk & soul at all our events – vinyl, naturally.

Umi has a passion for the freshest and most authentic falafel (which they share with us every lunchtime). Yum.

Collins Electric Co. are based down Ormeau Road. They have been providing electricians around Belfast for over 60 years and kindly helped power this operation. Literally, they gave us light. Like gods.


City Glass N.I have over 20 years experience in window and door repairs, both domestic and commercial. Our windows are so clean, pigeons have raised a grievance with the council as they pose a health and safety risk to mid-flight comrades.